February 20, 2010

name that anteater!

If you've ever wanted to name a giant anteater of your very own, now's your chance! All it'll take is some imagination and . . . $20,000! The folks at the Santa Ana Zoo have purchased two giant anteaters, one male and one female, from a breeding program down in South America. But they're looking for funds to help pay for their new anteater exhibit, which is set to open to the public in April. So to entice potential sponsors, the zoo is offering anyone willing to donate $20,000 the right to name one of the anteaters!

The University of California at Irvine's alumni association has already come up with the money to purchase naming rights for the male. As you may already know, UCI's mascot is Peter the Anteater, so the new Santa Ana male will, naturally, be named Peter, too! As for the female, who's currently called Onion, a local businessman with connections to the University of Southern California—a rival college to UCI—is trying to raise enough cash to rename her Helen of Troy, in honor of the USC Trojans! That would certainly make for an amusing pairing :) •>~

February 19, 2010

new bundle of joy

Lovely to hear about the birth of a baby giant anteater at the Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. I can't find his name, but he was born in late December to a female named Adelhi. Welcome to the world, little guy! •>~