January 9, 2011

two new zoo pups

It's always nice to hear about new giant anteaters entering the world. In the past month, officials have announced not one but two new pups in major U.S. zoos! The first newbie (top), who made his debut on December 7th, is a resident of the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Check back here for more on him very soon! The second (bottom), whose gender has not yet been made public, was born 15 days later, on December 22nd, at the San Francisco Zoo in California. One thing's for sure: They may be 3,000 miles apart, but these little guys certainly share a common cute factor! •>~

Update: Hey, cool! Just got word of a third anteater pup to have been born in the last few weeks. This birth took place on December 23rd, at the Parken Zoo in Sweden! Fun fact: He's the first giant anteater to have ever been born in that country. Oh, but contrary to what they say in the video below, I don't think he'll be eating ants in captivity. Anyway, welcome to the world, little guy!

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  1. http://zoo.montpellier.fr/TPL_CODE/TPL_BREVE/PAR_TPL_IDENTIFIANT/623/RETURN/1/FROM_BREVERECHERCHE/1/1896-accueil.htm

    Welcome to Japurá ! She was born on the october 12th 2010, it's the 2nd anteater born here, in Montpellier,France !
    I saw her on her mother's back, just after christmass they are so cute together!