June 19, 2009

adolpho, the cuddler

Okay, this is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen when it comes to giant anteaters. Adorable!! This little guy's name is Adolpho, and he lives at the Berlin Zoo.

Incidentally, I should mention that although giant anteaters are generally docile animals, they can be very dangerous—and even deadly—because of their very long and very sharp claws. As a result, giant anteaters are not kept as pets. (If you've seen an anteater dressed in human clothes and kept as a pet, that's probably one of the much smaller tamandua anteaters owned by Tamandua Girl.) The giant anteater here, Adolpho, was still only a few months old when this video was made. But as cute as he is, just know that you can't go out and buy these guys as pets. Anyway, if you'd like to see more, here is a photo gallery of Adolpho as a youngster! •>~

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