June 26, 2009

a very handsome anteater

I'm always looking for original anteater artwork, but I must say I'm pretty picky about it. So I was delighted to find this handsome anteater drawn by Berkley Illustration, which is based in Portland, Oregon. If you check out their whimsical blog, you'll find that Berkley's most recent drawing collection includes a veritable zoo of anthropomorphized animals—and wow, are they pretty. Aside from the giant anteater, who looks absolutely fetching in his red jacket and bow tie, I especially had to smile at their sloth (voted "most athletic" on a magnet) and their resident flying meerkat.

If you'd like to purchase an anteater print like the one above, or browse through the rest of Berkley Illustrations' recent creations, you can do so on their Etsy store, which is chock full of goodies. Prints come in various sizes and are very reasonably priced! Kudos to the Berkley crew for their marvelous work. •>~

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  1. Here is a photograph of my anteater Wilson's Great, Great [...] Grandfather Alberto Victor Gutiérrez-López.